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Hair Dryer Machine

Hair Dryer Machine is designed for the specific purposes of styling your hair by heating it gently without damage.

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Hair Steamer Machine

Hair Steamer Machine is suitable for various treatments of different hair types, conditioning hair and scalp.

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Hair Perm Machine

Hair Perm Machine can Softern the hair, then utilize the far infrared ray permeates among hair which is produced by pottery stick during heating.

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Micro Mist Steam Machine | Professional Beauty Salon Equipment

This is a microwave sprayer steamer machine, the mist is made from ultrasonic atomization produce, it is differient boiling water produced the water vapor, it is warm and comfortable, the mist is compose of very tiny water vapor, it can penetrate the hair follicle.

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7 Color LED Micromist Hair Steamer Ozone for Hair Styling Tools VB007R2 03

Hair Steamer Machine for Natural Hair

There are many ways to add moisture to hair, but there’s one you might not have considered: using a hair steamer. The level of your hair porosity is what determines how well your mane retains moisture, but that isn’t set in stone. Using steam is a natural hair care hack that can help manipulate how
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Wholesale Excellent Quality and Durable Environmental Hair Curler Machine VB6088G

Digital Hair Perm Machine

As technology advances, people are willing to try any new gimmick to get the hair of their dreams, from new styling tools to chemical treatments to coloring techniques. Digital Hair Perm treatment that uses digitized heat technology to curl the hair in a semi-permanent matter to create natural-looking waves and loose curls. It’s an alternative
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Wholesale Salon Stand-up Hair Treatment Accelerator Climazone Dolphin Hair Dryer Accelerator VB6082E 01

Dolphin Hair Dryer Accelerator Machine

Dolphin Hair Dryer Accelerator Machine 1. The futuramic hair dryer, can do hair drying and hair care. 2. It can do hair polishing care, polishing and buffing the rough hair, to make hair fine and smoothy. 3. The machine uses advanced Italian technology, not just simple copy and imitation. 4. Digital computer control can make
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